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Safety Updates


Thank you for downloading and completing your 1st Visit Forms and New Patient Information prior to your appointment. If you do not complete them prior to your appointment please arrive 15 minutes early to provide time for completion of them before your child's scheduled appointment. If you prefer, you are also welcome to drop off, or mail in any completed paperwork in advance of your child's appointment.


1st Visit Forms / New Patient Information


The following form is your standard HIPAA Policy that you have likely read many times before and you do not need to print or sign it. If you have never read a HIPAA form, then please read before signing new patient paperwork.




Other forms listed below are ones that our office staff may direct you to in the  future should they benefit you or should you have need. Any of these additional forms do not need to be read or printed as part of a new patient appointment.


Dental Benefits Information / Payment Plans (Care Credit)