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Treatment Options for Babies

The procedure to treat tongue-tie and lip-tie is called a “frenectomy”. When babies experience nursing difficulties related to their TT and LT, the frenectomy treatment is usually performed within the first two weeks after they are born. The procedure can also be completed when children  are older. However, once a problematic TT or LT has been diagnosed it is advantageous to treat it earlier rather than later, so they can learn to use their tongue and lips properly at the youngest possible age. During the procedure, which usually takes just a few minutes, parents are asked to wait in the waiting room. At the end of the procedure the baby and mother are encouraged to attempt breastfeeding in our private recovery room. Most mothers notice a significant difference immediately and see marked improvement on  the very first feeding!

Infant LT

Adolescent LT

The LT prevents the lip from inverting to the tip of the nose. The unwanted tension on the gum tissues appears white colored. This type of LT regularly causes significant pain for nursing children and their mothers.


An untreated LT was a primary cause of this abnormally large space between the two front permanent teeth.